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Debt Financing

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    Debt Financing

    Debt Financing and Restructuring Services

    We act as financial consultants for our clients, acting as advisors for the optimal mix of debt and equity financing ratio and as mediators to negotiate for the best terms for debt financing from banking and non-banking financial institutions.

    Leveraging on our expansive network in the financial service industry coupled with our expertise and experience in this area of business, we guarantee our clients the best results.

    We also provide financial mediation services for restructuring short-term and long-term financial obligations of our clients towards their creditors, ensuring that the burden of debt servicing, including its related costs, is lightened and well balanced with the need for optimal level of liquidity and aligned with operational cash flows.

    Our Management

    The Management team of FRSL is made up of highly experienced professionals including chartered accountants, financial analysts and advisors, bankers and legal practitioners with a combined industry experience spanning over two decades.